Trish Regan: Democrats are after Barr because they're after Trump

The Dems are gluttons for punishment

They’re at it again. The Democrats are attempting to force another round of impeachment proceedings. This time over Attorney General Bill Barr’s involvement in trying to save a President Trump associate Roger Stone from a prison sentence deemed by some to be unfair.

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The president told me in an exclusive interview this week in New Hampshire how poisonous the current environment is: "[They're] very unfair to my family, very unfair to a lot of great people that work in the administration." He went on to say: "This isn’t just the impeachment hoax. This is the witch hunt, I call it. The Russia, Russia, Russia nonsense."

Democrats are after Barr because they’re after Trump. It’s like they’re gluttons for punishment. They simply cannot help themselves - and I predict this pathetic middle-management style stampede of trying to stop success in its tracks via petty investigations, one right after another, will backfire bigtime and quite possibly cost the Democrats their House majority while handing the president another four years in November.

Their jealousy, their frustration, their attacks — all of this will contribute to creating a political Trump wave of red in Washington that could reshape, demoralize and weaken the left for decades. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and "The Squad" will have no one to thank for this realignment but themselves. Petty, misguided, politically motivated stunts have landed them where they now are - with a socialist looking to top the ticket.


As an American, I would really like it if, just for once, Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., and "The Squad" would focus on proposing and shepherding meaningful policy reforms for the country, wouldn’t you? They could get a ton of stuff done — but, instead, they're calling for more investigations - including one on the DOJ overturning Stone's sentencing proposal.

Democrats also have the lobbying arm of the Democratic Party, by way of the mainstream media urging them on - calling the president a dictator and likening him to Kim Jong-un.

I warned on Trish Regan Primetime the left would do this. I warned they’d be back for more.

For the record, guess how many pardons former President Obama put in place? That would be 212 pardons and 1,715 commutations.

And his U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder never broke rank. That's because Holder did what his president wanted. That’s generally what tends to happen.

The politicization of everything was so bad during the Obama White House that the administration spied, actually spied, on a Fox reporter - an impeachable action if you ask me — and encouraged the intel community to run wild with a disproven dossier - seeking a FISA warrant with no actual credible authentication of what we now know was shoddy intel bought and paid for by Hillary Clinton’s team to target Trump.

The Obama administration’s tentacles were so far-reaching they even had former U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch out there on a tarmac, seemingly conspiring with former President Bill Clinton about how to save Hillary Clinton from the FBI given what she did with her server.

And yet, Republicans didn’t impeach. Instead, they took the fight to the American people, and they won the election fair and square. They allowed the people to make the change.

Is it too much to ask the Democrats to try the same? Apparently, it is, because Democrats are convinced Trump will cheat in the next election.

Meanwhile, just in case the new Stone stuff doesn’t stick, Democrats are ready with more ammunition by way of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman - whom the president fired because he never agreed with the president’s direction. That’s what happens in the real world. When a new CEO of a company takes over, he or she often fires anyone not perceived to be on board with the new strategy.

You’re there to implement the CEO’s strategy, not to fight it. And the same goes for the president. Vindman doesn’t call the shots. John Bolton doesn’t get to decide policy. The president does. But, to the media, if you’re Trump, you’re not allowed to fire anyone. If you do, you’re equated with North Korea's Kim Jong-un.

Donald Trump is President of the United States and his National Security Council works for him. If he wants to fire someone, so be it. Even Obama had more than 100 of former President George W. Bush's political appointees to move along by Inauguration Day.

It’s called being in charge.


Meanwhile, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., - whom The Washington Post gives four Pinocchios to - she’s readying an attack of her own.

"The way that we beat Donald Trump is that we remember he’s the enemy, right? He’s the guy who is out there undercutting every democratic value, undercutting economic security for hard-working people," Warren said previously.

And now, Warren is calling for an investigation into relief fund delays in Puerto Rico.

When you are performing that badly in Iowa, New Hampshire and now South Carolina, I guess you’ve got to find your voice somehow?

But, none of this is right. The Democrats are desperate.

The president scored over 112,000 votes in New Hampshire's primary. Obama got only 49,000 in the state from Democrats in 2012.

What does that tell you? Trump supporters are loyal, and they’re growing. They recognize the good stuff that’s happening in America right now - from jobs to the economy to security.

The Democrats can keep trying to impeach him, but, in doing so, all they’re doing is reminding Americans why they’re no longer needed. They will impeach themselves right out of a job.